Mega Football Accumulator

accumulator Mega Football Accumulator is a section of company for bettors who want to win more but at the same moment must be patient and to wait for good series .

Here we offer every day a football accumulator with 3 matches with combo odd of 3.00 – 5.00 . The main idea here is to make money in a long term , with these big odds we just need to win at least 1 day of every 3 to be on our average ( starting betting bankroll ) but recommend all our customers just to increase the stake when we have a bad day with a losing accumulator next day to increase the stake with 25-30%  and this way when we hit the winning accumulator we cover the loss and make clear profit ( yes we make nice profit because of the increasing of the stake and the bigger odd than the other sections)  and again begin with our initial stake of bet .

If you want to participate here , profit is guaranteed in a long term but you have to be patient and to have big enough bankroll to increase the stake after losing day and to have enough money to be calm when we have bad period and after that when the good period comes to gather the profit . Success !

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