Over 1,5 Goals Combo

goals In this section we propose a combo bet every day with 2 matches with bets of Over 1,5 goals  ( to have at least 2 goals in the matches ) , the idea here comes from that in the past we bet a lot of matches to have more than over 2,5 goals and many of the cases matches ended with only 2 goals and this way our bets were LOST . With this section Over 1,5 Goals Combo our purpose is to prevent the loses and to increase the percentage success rate and we decrease the combo odd but increase the security and the steady income in a monthly base . But the combo odds are high enough , the success rate and security are also high and this way we really can recommend to use the betting system Martingale ( double bet after loss ) after loss and your profit will be bigger every single month !

Other advantage of this method for betting is that we do not care which team will win , we just need 2 goals to be scored in the match , and you may be know that this happened very often which is good for our business nowadays .If you like to bet on goals and to win securely in a long term with our professional betting team – this is your section !

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