5 Soccer Single Predictions

5 soccer 5 Soccer Single Predictions , good section of SoccerInvestors.com , where we offer 5 soccer single matches every day with good odds  between  1.70 – 2.20 . The main idea here is to make real profit from betting in a long term of course not in a daily base . Every single day our professional betting team propose 5 football predictions  chosen from the daily betting card with big chance for success , but surprises happened sometimes , but the idea is to win at least 3 of 5 matches every day and to be in a profit , but if we won 4 of 5 or 5 of 5 the day will be count as a very good and successful day and of course the clear daily profit is tremendous as you can calculate .

We recommend to our customers to bet with equal bets every day ( flat betting system ) on all 5 soccer picks and when we hit 3 of 5,4 of 5 or 5 of 5 next day we again bet all matches with the same betitng stakes , and when the day is bad and we hit 1 of 5 ( this happened very rarely ) or 2 of 5 matches we strongly recommend next day to increase the stakes of the all 5 bets with around 20-30% per bet and this way when the next day is successful we cover the loss from the previous day and even make clear profit . We hope to like the idea of this betting section and to work successfully in a long term together and of course the most important thing is to make money.



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